Year One

Award: Diploma in Japanese Massage (Anma) with Acupressure/Shiatsu

Qualification is subject to a pass in theory exams, practical exams and then clinical experience in a qualified practitioner’s clinic.

Course fee is £3500 per year if paying upfront. 


 A deposit of £800 followed by 12 monthly payments of £250

Year 1 Course content


Anatomy and physiology of the muscles, joints, tendons ligaments and the body systems; digestive, circulatory, respiratory, nervous system etc.

Principles of IN/Yo (Yin/Yang) The Big five “Godai” the Trilogy of interchange “Sanshin” The five phases, the Meridian system, oriental Organ principles and Oriental philosophy.

Integrated body movement “Taijutsu” posture and movement exercises in clinic and daily life, holding and moving the extremities and posture mobility during treatment.

Self-treatment “Taikiyoku/Taihenjutsu” brushing the meridian channels, Locating and taping the “alarm mu points” sitting, kneeling, standing, self-correction of the head on neck, the lower back and basic visceral massage, breathing techniques and rehabilitation exercise.

Palpation skill development to discern tissue texture, temperature and drag resistance both passively and during movement. Palpation is a major development skill in Japanese medicine.

Muscle testing of the major muscles of the body, the correlations to both the Organ and meridian systems of the body, in conjunction with observation and palpation.

Joint mobility and articulation for patient assessment and to improve joint mobility with muscle/joint balanced function.

Massage of the spine and extremities using fingers, hands, arms and integrated body movement.

Acupressure stimulation of specific points based on our assessment routine, for example tension in the upper rear shoulder area, the use of the points SI3 and TW5 to assist in mobility and tension pain decrease – as part of the treatment protocol.

Contraindications and referral for further investigation is covered throughout every aspect.

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