Year Two


Award: Diploma in Japanese Physical Medicine

Qualification is subject to a pass in theory exams, practical exams and then clinical experience in a qualified practitioner’s clinic.

Course fee is £3500 per year if paying upfront. 


A deposit of £800 followed by 12 monthly payments of £250

The second year continues on from the first year soft tissue treatments with acupressure, with deeper academic studies of western A & P, aetiology, pathology and prognosis in conjunction with Oriental philosophy and practice principles.

During year two students enhance their developed skills in the practical assessments and applications covered in year one, for example understanding how to rub specific points for pain can then be utilized in the practitioners own self treatment and then shown to patients.

Muscle Energy Technique “MET” is introduced and builds on from muscle testing so that the student develops positional release and resisted motion techniques to enhance muscle functions and improve localised joint stability and function.

Cupping and scraping is continued forwards to move blood and lymph and enhance the soft tissue treatments along with accuracy in diagnostic uses with contra-indications.

Reflex recoil and leverage assisted joint correction is learned for corrections of the spine, ribs and major joints at the same time as introducing the “CAT adjusting” tool.

Needling of the Physical ailment” treatment points are learned for over 30 common physical health conditions of back pain, neck pain, arthritis, major joint imbalances, neuralgia, sports injuries etc along with continued awareness of contra needling and health/safety of using needles.

Year two concludes with written examinations and practical demonstration of theoretical and practical skills which are then peer supervised in a qualified practitioner’s clinic.



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