Year Three

Award: Diploma in Acupuncture

Qualification subject to a pass in Theory exams, practical exams and then clinical experience in a qualified practitioner’s clinic.

Course fee is £3500 per year if paying upfront. 


 A deposit of £800 followed by 12 monthly payments of £250

Deeper studies continue within A & P and Oriental principles in regard to internal health conditions and the common signs and symptoms associated with internal health conditions, for example a red tip on the tongue often indicates “Heart fire” which is found in anxiety, stress and depression and also has alarm point activity at Ren17.

Within Internal medicine tongue observation patterns along with pulse taking and alarm point diagnosis for the basis for the syndromes, deficiencies and excess of Oriental medicine therefore these are paramount along with western understanding of disease patterns. Therefore students learn to recognise the meridian patterns along with herbal patterns to select the appropriate acupuncture points and the “Forgotten foods/herbs” to restore balance and harmony.


Year three concludes with written examinations and practical demonstration of theoretical and practical skills which are then peer supervised in a qualified practitioner’s clinic.

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