Dennis Bartram - Senior Instructor - Menkyo Kaiden

Dennis’ journey began in 1969 when he qualified in Swedish remedial massage. This introduction to the complexities of the human body inspired him to further his studies and, in 1974, he began his practice in remedial sports massage and manipulative therapy. He then went on to qualify as an Osteopath in 1984. 

In the 1970s Dennis had also begun to study Japanese karate. During his studies, he discovered many of the Japanese masters of karate were also doctors of Japanese medicine. In 1985 he began to study an ancient form of Japanese warrior principles. The grandmaster of this school was Dr Masaaki Hatsumi who was the holder of ancient scrolls of nine schools of martial arts and a school of ancient medicine and practised as a Japanese Osteopath

Dennis watched in awe as a man 20 years his senior worked with ease and fingertip precision to lock his opponents in tangled body configurations. He observed Hatsumi as he practised as an Osteopath and a martial teacher. Hatsumi explained that Budo and Medicine were one concept and told him to study and learn from nature and that natural movement was all that was required to maintain health and to defend oneself effectively in combat.

That day in 1986 changed Dennis’ outlook forever. He had found his mentor, a man who practised his hobby and his occupation and described them as being one. For the next ten years he incorporated the Martial and medicine principles of Hatsumi into his practice and both Dennis and Chris Roworth worked personally with Dr Hatsumi. The research and work they carried out resulted in Dr Hatsumi 

granting them both the status of 'Menkyo Kaiden' (Master teacher) to the ancient medicine school of Hi Chi Buko Goshin Jutsu.  On that eventful day he also painted a special calligraphy “Kabito Sashi”, depicting that Dennis had special and mysterious hands. This calligraphy has been adopted as the signature of 'Amatsu'. Over the next 15 years Dennis received personal guidance and tuition from Dr. Hatsumi.  In 2016 he received a lifetime achievement award from Hatsumi.

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