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Amatsu Japanese Integrated Medicine - Register of Approved Licensed Practitioners

The following people are Registered Approved Licensed Practitioners of Amatsu Japanese Integrated Medicine and Members of the Association. They maintain Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and annual peer reviewed training a minimum of two times per year. In addition to qualifications in Amatsu Japanese Integrated Medicine many Practitioners also hold additional qualifications in other individual therapies and hold valid and appropriate insurance cover. 


The highest quality training these Practitioners have received from The International School of Amatsu Japanese Integrated Medicine enables them to deliver a quality and effective treatment.


Please see the Register of Practitioners below to find out if there is an 'Approved Licensed Practitioner' in your area. 


Stephan Grabner


Dip. Jap' Anma Massage

Dip. Jap' Physical Medicine

Dip. Acupuncture

Amatsu Centre

39 Cross Street


Tel: 07710 285104



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